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Welcome to Eittans

was established in 1998 as limited liability Company With a capital LE. 10,000,00 in 2001 the company capital raised to LE. 250,000,00 as a positive contribution freight forwarding company.

has world wide agents for Sea and Airfreight and International Transportation Services.

family is more than 25 staff members with highly qualified and motivated, with good knowledge and long experience, able to handle all aspects of Forwarding.

today are offering our customers the full range of professional forwarding services. The individual is the centre of our daily work.

stuff is supplying our customers with reliable services around the clock, securing the trust of them.

With a philosophy of service and reliability Eittrans provides door-to-door service for virtually ever type of shipment, as Eittrans specialists organize the whole supply-chain, starting at the supply warehouse and ending with the delivery to the final consignee.

We are member of

Alexandria Chamber of Commerce  Italian Chamber of Commerce Multimodal Freight Network  PPL Networks  WCA Networks FIATA eiffa Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority Egyptian Polish Businessmen Association WCA Family of Logistic Networks International Multimodal Transport Association's

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